Six Ball Over: Wesley Barresi


Originally posted on DV Mace’s Smorgasbord of Sport, 16-Oct-2014.

Today’s Six Ball Over is with the Dutch wicketkeeper Wesley Barresi. Wesley has coped well with being a top-order bat, as well as the keeper, and has been an instrumental part of the Netherlands team for some time.


1. Although you made your First Class debut for Easterns in South Africa in 2004, you didn’t play any First Class or List A cricket in South Africa after 2005, eventually making your debut for the Netherlands in 2009. What made you make the switch to playing for the Dutch?
WB: Being an E.U. passport carrier made my decision for a better quality of life and job opportunities very easy. When immigrating I had no intention of representing the Netherlands in cricket. Getting a call up out of the blue to represent my country has been a blessing in disguise and certainly brought on the most memorable times of my life.

2. Despite being burdened by wicket-keeping, you’ve become a very successful top-order batsman (averaging 34 in ODI cricket). Which aspect of the game do you find the most challenging?
WB: I’ve always been a top order batsman/wicket keeper. I’d say my wicket keeping has come a long way and my batting has become just a little more consistent. I think I’d have to say wicket keeping can be a bit challenging at times to answer your question.

3. You’ve already played in one Cricket World Cup – how disappointing was it to miss out on qualification for 2015?
WB: Obviously there was disappointment involved in not qualifying for the World Cup which I’m sure you are aware of, but yeah. Of course a World Cup in the lands down under is an opportunity missed and an opportunity that will never come around again in my life time.

4. You’ve played alongside some of the stars of Netherlands cricket (Myburgh, Borren, ten Doeschate). Who would you rate as the best of your teammates in the national side?
WB: Without a doubt I’d have to say Tommy Cooper. Extremely talented cricketer.

5. Finally, the T20 World Cup. You made a terrific 48 against England in your humbling of the Brits. Would you consider that your greatest day as a cricketer?
WB: I’ve been blessed to have played in and won crucial games for my team in recent years but I’d have to say beating the Irish to go through to the Super 10s is and probably always will be my greatest day as a cricketer.

6. Yes, THAT game against Ireland. Your 40* was instrumental in the demolition of the Irish you required to advance. You must be pretty proud of the batting line-up, and how they performed that day?
WB: The openers gave us a record breaking start, you couldn’t have asked for anything better. Coming in at three with a start like that gives you so much freedom and a feeling of calmness. Tommy came in, knocked a couple around and then went on to tear the heart of the Irish bowling line up apart – George Dockrell, the man they rely on, Mr Consistency. It was something to behold and great entertainment from the non-striker’s end. Once the dust settled later the next morning hahaha…records galore, newspaper articles you name it. How can you not be proud of every single squad member who was present that day?


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