Six Ball Over: Clive Rice


Originally posted on DV Mace’s Smorgasbord of Sport, 17-Sept-2014.

Welcome to a new piece for this blog – the Six Ball Over. Short and snappy interviews consisting of (you guessed it) six questions.

To start us off, I was lucky enough to be able to ask Clive Rice, the former Nottinghamshire and South African captain a few questions about all sorts of things; including County Cricket, being an all-rounder and the sacking of Kevin Pietersen.

Firstly, a big thank you to Clive for answering my questions!


1. You played for Nottinghamshire for a very long and successful time, combining with Richard Hadlee to have a mighty bowling attack. Would you rate your Notts side, especially that 1981 team, as one of the strongest County Cricket has seen, particularly in the bowling department?
Clive Rice: I think it was a better team in 1987. It was a good attack in 81 but other teams had good attacks. Imran and Garth Le Roux [Sussex], Garner and Botham [Somerset].

2. Your all round skills stretched to batting, bowling, slip-fielding and captaincy. Which facet of the game did you enjoy most?
CR: Whatever I was doing well on the day. Batting was great when you were in good form.

3. Having been involved heavily (both as a player and as a coach) with English and South African cricket, which domestic structure do you feel best develops young talent?
CR: England does because we chase players away with Quotas.

4. Who would you say was the biggest South African talent that international cricket missed out on while banned from international sport?
CR: The team then was fantastic and the likes of Lamb and Smith would have stayed in South Africa and added to the depth. They missed out on a great team.

5. Would you consider leading South Africa in their so called “rebel Tests” vs Aus and the Windies, and also captaining your nation in their first ever ODI as your proudest cricketing achievements?
CR: I had lots of fantastic moments so those were just a few. Winning the County Championship and the Nat West were great moments as well as the all rounder’s competitions.

6. How did you feel about the sacking of Kevin Pietersen, given how instrumental you were in the discovery of him and bringing him to England?
CR: They sacked the wrong people. Flower, Cook and I think Matt Prior was the vice captain could not handle him and were isolating him and splitting the team. Their performances were very bad and it was easier to blame him. They did it to Graeme Hick 10 years ago as they were looking for a scape goat.


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